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Open letter to a soliciting publicist - by author Vijaya Schartz

Dear publicist:
I am not interested in paying thousands of dollars for your publicity services offering a slew of interviews on national media. I’ve been doing my own promotion for years successfully enough and for free. I write for eBook publishers, so my audience is downloading on the internet. At night, they read instead of watching TV talk shows. Besides, national media exposure can become a career in itself (I know, I used to be a radio talk show host) and all the hoopla, travel, and preparation involved for all these interviews would take time away from what I’m supposed to be doing, which is writing more stories for my loyal readers.
Unlike one-book-wonders who promote and milk the same best seller for years and never write another, popular fiction authors must produce consistently. Most mega names in popular fiction these days (you know who they are) have to pay ghost writers to write their novels, because they are too busy with TV, movies, national paper interviews, premiere…