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Going crazy with history - by Vijaya Schartz

What is an author to do when historians of the period do not agree? What could be more frustrating than the main expert on this particular place and time saying: "and here history gets rather confusing" Really? My hero is in a dungeon, suffering from malnutrition, and I can’t even know in which or whose castle along the Marne River he is detained?

That’s what I’m up against with my work in progress: LADY OF LUXEMBOURG, to be published late this year. And that’s what I get for dealing with historical figures. Of course it wouldn’t be a problem if I didn’t care so much about historical accuracy. But as an author, I want to be as believable as I can be. I want the good people of Luxembourg, if they happen to pick up this novel, to feel that I did a good job of portraying Sigefroi, their national hero and founding father.
Don’t worry, though, I won’t spoil the story for you. It’s just that sometimes, when dealing with early medieval history, research becomes very difficult. And d…
Where Do Writing Ideas Come From--Especially for a Circus Romance?

Readers ask me where I get ideas for stories.Ideas come from everywhere, and often at times when I least expect them--from newspaper and magazine articles, dreams, personal experiences, books, and movies--and so forth.Yet from that germ of an idea my characters have sprung to life, fought their “dragons,” and won the battle!

Okay, now for an example.One day back when I first started writing, I read a magazine article about a circus family who performed as trapeze artists.The son who’d been interviewed for the article said he was always careful not to make friends with teens “on the outside” because soon the circus would move on and he might never see that friend again. What a perfect conflict between an everyday teen gal and a guy who is committed to travel and perform with the circus! I decided.I told my critique group, “I think I can do this!”So I started researching the realities of circus life, trapeze artists, …