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RED MAGIC ~ CHRISTOPH ~ A Character Blog

My days of intemperance--of gambling, womanizing, and drinking--are done. Whether my sins ended when the cannon burst , nearly taking my leg, or whether they ended last month, when my affianced, an endlessly forgiving lady whom I’d at last agreed to wed, fell from her horse and broke her neck, matters little. My dear lost Wili, fool that I am, I took you for granted, thought you would always be there, arms open, ready to love and forgive! That part of my life, full of deception and lies, those days of selfish pleasure—are over.As my confessor says, God has granted me wealth, position, strength and grace of form, but I have taken His gifts for granted, have evaded the duties and tasks which are required of a gentleman.I am to marry my lost bride’s little sister and take up the duties of lordship, tending to neglected family property and assisting my father with diligence and honesty. My young cousin Caterina will not make an easy wife, for she justly blames me for her beloved sister’s …

Spring Cleaning

It's that time of year again. Usually by now I'm done, but I've been putting it off this year. Probably due to the weather. 
However, this past weekend was absolutely beautiful and motivated me. So far my living room is half done. Curtains are down, cobwebs removed, and furniture vacuumed. There was a time I flew through the room. Not so anymore. I'm not as young as I used to be, so I had to take a break before I dust the furniture, wash the windows, vacuum the floors and hang the new curtains. 
Wow, looking at that, I realize I'm not even half done. Age does take its toll. Part of the reason I'm procrastinating is I'm thinking about buying new curtains. I do like the ones I have a red and white plaid, it gives the room a fresh cottagey look. 
So why do I want to change them? Hubby is making new pictures for the walls. Sail boats and sea gulls and they're predominately blue. I'm hoping to find a blue and white plaid similar to the red and white. They&#…