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Seventeen Writing Secrets - Shared by Ginger Simpson

I blog-jacked the following from a 2008 Writer's Digest.  There are some great points shared, and I especially liked number seven.

1. Never save your best for last. Start with your best. Expend yourself immediately, then see what happens. The better you do at the beginning, the better you continue to do.2. The opening paragraph, sentence, line, phrase, word, title—the beginning is the most important part of the work. It sets the tone and lets the readers know you’re a commanding writer.3. The first duty of a writer is to entertain. Readers lose interest with exposition and abstract philosophy. They want to be entertained. But they feel cheated if, in the course of entertaining, you haven’t taught them something.4. Show, don’t tell or editorialize. "Not ideas about the thing, but the thing itself."—Wallace Stevens5. Voice is more important than image. "Poetry is not a thing, but a way of saying it."—A.E. Housman6. Story is more important than anything. Readers (a…