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My Own Action Hero by Jamie Hill

Family movie night recently and I chose White House Down featuring Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx. I'd been wanting to see it since last summer (my how the time does fly!) and it finally came on HBO so I remembered (a key issue!) and we watched it. I have to say, I really enjoyed it.
One of my favorite movies is Air Force One starring Harrison Ford and a cast of thousands, and this newer presidential flick was very similar in nature. Sure, you have to suspend belief a few times, but it was fun and the dialog between Tatum and Foxx made me laugh out loud. (Kind of like the dialog between Steve MaGarrett and Dano on the new Hawaii 5-0. Love it!)
Afterwards I was thinking that Channing Tatum would make a good Jack Dunlevy, the lead in my romantic suspense book Family Secrets. Sexy, tough yet tender when it comes to children, and when people are down on him and thinking the worst, he comes through in the end with flying colors. Channing's character in White House Down is the perfect…

Wild Blue Mysteries

It's hard to believe it's been an entire year since The Bookstore Lady was first released. Even more amazing my second book The Mystery Lady was released earlier this year and yet a third book awaits in the wings.

The Wild Blue Detective Agency began with Danny Walker, a police officer, and Leo Blue, retired soldier, who began the agency in order to go undercover and stop a ruthless criminal named Maddox. In trying to take Maddox down, Danny Walker needs to track Paulina Chourney, Maddox's mistress. 

Lovely, blonde Paulina escapes Maddox and arrives in the fictional small town of Packham, praying the men she worked for would never think to look for her in a small town. She gives herself a total makeover, changes her name to Katie Mullins, then makes a deal on a little bookstore she renovates and breathes new life into. Fate (and her real estate agent) brings her to rent a room in an elderly lady's home and Katie is thrust into a local writing group, successfully fading i…


How many of us have secrets?
I doubt if there would be many people who don’t have at least one secret. I don’t mean of the dark, dangerous variety, but some of us may well have a secret that could place us in danger. Fortunately, I am not one of those.
My secret – I am a chocoholic. How many times have I told my hubby that I no longer eat chocolates, then I sneak off to my several hiding places (not to be divulged on pain of death), where my secret stash is hidden. You should always have more than one hideout for your illicit goodies just in case one of them is discovered. I don’t want to be like Old Mother Hubbard – who went to the cupboard to get her dog a bone, and when she got there the cupboard was bare and the poor doggie had none. Change that to and when Margaret got to her secret stash, the chokkies were gone and she had none. A disaster of that proportion could not be allowed to happen, hence a few hiding places. I call it my insurance policy.
In m…

Coming Soon! Temptation by Shirley Martin (excerpt)

TEMPTATION                                                                      by Shirley Martin     Jennifer stepped outside onto the brick patio, needing to escape the continual bragging of the stockbroker whose only subject was himself.  Closing the French doors behind her, she shut out most of the noise and laughter from the party inside, a welcome relief. Surprised she had the patio to herself, she rested her hand on the iron railing and inhaled the cool November air, her gaze absorbing the magnificent houses and lush foliage of this elegant Coral Gables neighborhood. Some day, she hoped to have a home of her own, but she knew she could never afford a spacious mansion such as this. Yet that was fine with her; a more modest home would suit her nicely, like the one she lived in now.      Alone with her thoughts, she considered how well things were going for her now. An only child, she'd been spoiled all her life. Things had gone so easily for her. Pretty and pop…


Several years ago I decided to begin to write a story centered around a creature. By doing that, I knew I was entering a crowded, expert field that had been successfully creating vampires and werewolves, witches, and all the rest of the occult cousinage for many, many years.

Wiki Commons SourceStill, why not? I had had a notion to write a sequel to Red Magic. Unlike the other novels I’ve written which are full-on historical fiction, Red Magicwas cross-genre in at least four ways, because there are elements of fantasy, history and adventure as well as the old-fashioned romance at the core. Moreover, if you end a story with the birth of fraternal twins-- in this case, a girl and a boy--there is an obligation to write a follow-up around them. It’s an ancient story-teller's convention, probably well-established by the time the Greeks dreamed up Apollo and Diana. 

Okay, so all well and good, but almost immediately I was stuck again. The tall, dark hero and his red-headed sister I alread…