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“So you have such a positive attitude, how do you give yourself a jumpstart to get writing?”The other day I was asked this question, and I decided would be a great blogging subject.How do we push ourselves into our offices to write?Heaven forbid there are enough distractions and other things you could be doing – besides sitting in your quiet office, all alone, with your thoughts and a white screen staring back at you.Exactly how do we give ourselves the strength to say it’s time to write?

I truly believe us writers are special people.Yep we truly are!I think the hardest things for us are our other responsibilities.We have family, friends, housework, the JOB, yard, cooking, shopping, and of course church (in my case) and the hubby.The list goes on and on.In between all those responsibilities and distractions we must ‘make’ the time to write.

I don’t know if you’re like me – BUT – the other ‘stuff’ mustbe done in order for me to concentrate on what I really want to do, write.It’s not a ho…

Words Perfect ie: the perfect words by Karla Stover

I’ve been thinking about words, lately. Many’s the time someone in my writers' critique group has said, “I don’t think the character would say that.”
For years the only thing I collected was words. I told people it was because I didn’t have to dust them. Of course, poverty played a part.Without using a thesaurus, my husband and I came up with nearly a dozen different names for freeways, and then we turned to other words and forgot freeways, autobahns, interstates, etc. No matter; it was the hunt that that was fun.
I listen to NPR every time I’m in the car as a way to study words and dialogue for my writing and am surprised how many educated people still use “like” and “you know.” (When I was in Toastmasters, we counted “ums” as a way to make the speaker aware of them). David Sedaris was talking last week and he peppered his conversation with “you know.” Very off-putting, I must say. I don’t buy his books and don’t know if I will, now, not that his sales will reflect my lack of p…

For Us Oldies.... by Cheryl Wright

As they say, it's a bitch getting old.

But what can you do? For me it's learning to live with my limitations, while at the same time, trying to keep feeling young. (Yeah, right. With three teenagers living in the same house!)

It has recently dawned on me that I'm slowly nudging toward the big six oh. Not something I'm looking forward to, but at least its a couple of years off yet.

Still, I find more and more when I'm making cards that some of the images remind me of my lost youth.  So I was quite pleased to learn there's a stamp company whose images depict those of, shall we say, ahem, later years.

I was quite shocked to discover they've been around for almost 27 years, but I only learned of them just a few weeks ago. Yikes!

Immediately I ordered two of their fun sets, and below is my first attempt at the set I've received so far.

(For those inquisitive minds, the company is Art Impressions, and this particular set is called Party Girls - from the '…

Sharing the Dream – by Tia Dani

As part of the "Inside Books We Love" blog, we hope to create interesting information that isn't full of self-promo, but will give our readers a chance to know who we really are. They'll discover how we work and play, learn how we struggle with balancing our everyday lives, how we draw our stories out of our heads, then finish them into a well-loved published book. And we do it all without losing our precious friendship.
Who are we?
First and foremost we are a dedicated writing team who loves playing with words, creating "What Ifs", and are following a shared dream.
We are wives, moms, and grandmas.
We didn't start out to be a writing team, but the process evolved over time during our friendship. We met in 2002 at a local RWA chapter and after several years passed we wrote and submitted a short story together just to have some fun. To our delight the story sold. From then on we kicked our writing into high gear and found a way to stick to a writing schedule…