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Remainder Me at Hay-on-Wye by Karla Stover

Remainder Me at Hay-on-WayI miss book catalogues. I used to look forward to those from Barnes & Noble, Bas Bleu, and A Common Reader—especially A Common Reader. A Common Reader was in the book mail order business for twenty years—from 1986 to 2006 and introduced me to Alexander McCall Smith, among others. I saved the last one I received and, even now, find books I’d like to read. Bas Bleu published (and paid me for) a couple books reviews—books I recommended, but now I’m off that list, too. Which leaves the Edward R. Hamilton bargain books catalogue; I get my dad’s when he’s done with them.I go through Edward H. cover to cover and mark books to read. However, I also see patterns. For example, a lot of women write Amish fiction. I read some, but the Amish lifestyle is so restricted the stories are a bit repetitive. I also see that a number of people have hopped on the Sherlock Holmes bandwagon. Wouldn’t most authors want to create their own characters?After I graduated from college…

Magical Creatures by Cheryl Wright

All kids love magical and mystical creatures. Even as adults we love them.

I recently discovered (via a cardmaking magazine) a wonderful stamp set called "Critters Ever After" by Lawn Fawn.

Unfortunately it's a couple of years since its release, so it was a little difficult to find in Australia. (Believe me when I say it's difficult to find a lot of craft supplies in Australia, let alone something released two years ago!)

But find it I did, along with the matching die set to cut it out much easier.

I have been playing around with the set, and because I know these will make much loved cards for soldier's children, I've been colouring. It can be quite time consuming to colour these sorts of images, so I've been doing them in snatches of time.

Above is a sheet of images I'm working on at the moment. If I'm feeling stressed, or simply need a short break, I can colour another creature or two.

They don't look much in the above photo, but the finish…

Not granny panties!

17 yr old daughter and I recently spent a little mother/daughter time shopping in the big city. We cranked the tunes on the 2 hr drive to our nearest big city, sang and took pictures as we drove. It was great to connect with her. We hit a number of stores, you know the usual, Wallmart, groceries, a few mom and pop stores to drop off some copies of my latest paperback, lunch, the equine supply shop and then my daughter spied the LeSenza store. I’m only 40 but touring a ‘bra’ store with my daughter was… well… not the experience I’d like to repeat in the near future. Don’t get me wrong, there were lots of pretty bras, water filled ones, gel ones, padded ones, lift ones and strapless wonders, but what sent a chill down my spine were the underwear. I’m talking about the panties. Yes, lacy little confections in pretty colors are nice and all but… there were tables and tables of tiny triangles held together with a string. Bright neon colors, straps that were little more than strings and tiny…
New Releases at Books We Love, and don't forget to enter our contest to win a Kindle Fire while you're visiting.

We've had some terrific new releases this past month.  From the story of a plantation owner's son who sets out on a terrifying and perilous journey, determined to find the Ohio River and freedom for his best friend and his friend's parents, despite the fact that all three of them are slaves that belong to the young lad's father.

Then we have another of Juliet Waldron's amazing historicals.  This one, the first of a two book set, is based on the early years of Alexander Hamilton, first Secretary of the United States Treasury

Cheers, Chocolate, and Other Disasters will be sure to delight young adults, and with the way the smart and timely way this book deals with issues like bullying and BFFs, it's sure to be appreciated by young readers and parents alike.

For historical fans, Diane Scott Lewis' historical mystery, suspe…

I Dare You. I Double-Dog Dare You! by Tia Dani

Time's Enduring Love, our historical time-travel is a Books We Love 2014 best seller.

The fact we've been writing together for a very long time still amazes us how well we work together. The reason? There's a strong bond of trust between us and, as we've always said, "Our friendship is imperative", beyond any other emotion or personal quirks.

What's one of those quirks, you ask?
Well, we're a bit competitive.
Pushing our limits has become a challenge. For example, we are "dogged" determined to dig deeper and deeper into our current story in progress. Which makes it kind of difficult since, at the moment, we're working on two stories at once. One is a paranormal and the other a futuristic. Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum. Have we mentioned before we're eclectic? Yep, it keeps things interesting for us.Anyway, back to our competition. We call it our Double-dog Dare. Here's what happens.
An initial stor…

If It's Monday, It Must be Roast Beef by Gail Roughton

Say you’ve decided to get off the Interstate and take a drive along some back country roads.  The road twists and curves through tree tunnels dappled with streams of sunlight, one leading to the next. Bridges provide passage over creeks and streams with fabulous names, names like Turkey Creek, Stone Creek, Dry Branch. Time’s gotten away from you, and the sun and fresh air and changing scenery have made you and your passengers hungry.  You look around but there’s not a McDonalds or a Wendy’s or a Dairy Queen to be found.  But if you’re lucky, there’s something better.  Something special.  Something a Burger King or a Taco Bell or even a Zaxby’s can’t even dream of touching. A small town country café.
Now, I’m a little more intimately familiar with the inner workings of such an establishment than most.  Whether  I consider that a blessing or curse depends on the particular memory recalled at the particular moment I’m reminescing.  See, back in 2006, when my husband Randy was a small-town…