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Santa Magic: The Adult Years by Stuart R. West


It's Almost Christmas and we've got SNOW! by Nancy M Bell

Hello again. Hard to believe a month has gone by so fast. Christmas is just around the corner and the air is filled with carols and Christmas music everywhere. The town has put up their light display in Nose Creek Park and it is spectacular as always.

My birthday is on the 20th and man, I'm getting old! It got me thinking about Christmas when we were kids. I thought I'd share a few memories with you all. Every Christmas Eve we would pile in the car and visit four of my dad's five sisters. Auntie Irma lived near Ottawa and that was too far for a day trip. But we hit all the others, from Whitevale to Mississauga. By the end of the night we were full of junk food and high on sugar. One Christmas Eve we had just pulled in the drive at home when what did we see but Santa Claus coming down the neighbor's drive. My sister and I jumped out of the car and raced into the house. We slept in bunk beds in our parent's room. We ran through the kitchen down the hall and into our…

Casting Your Characters - Sagittarius - Janet Lane Walters

Here goes with character traits for Sagittarians to help develop characters.

Sagittarian Sun or the inner person --These people are jovial, bright, hopeful and generous. They are generally self-reliant and out-spoken. There frankness can lead to problems. A Saggitarian heroine or hero is ambitious and not easily discouraged. They like liberty and out-door activity. Their strong will can present problems for they will not be driven.

Ascendant - Outer self. This is the face shown to the world. The Sagittarian hero or heroine is very independent and will not be ordered around. They can be impulsive and out-spoken. The hero or heroine can be found with their foot in their mouth. He or she can be nervously energetic and quick to make decisions. They have foresight especially in regards to business. He or she can appear blunt and abrupt. They can be high-strung. This hero or heroine likes animals.

Moon -- the emotional nature. This character can be benevolent and humanitarian. He or she can…

One of My Favorite Christmas Songs - Roseanne Dowell

  One of my favorite Christmas songs is Round and Round the Christmas Tree by Bing Crosby.  We start singing it right about now.
I'm sure by now you know I love Christmas. It's my favorite time of year. There's something magical about it for me. I'm not sure what it is, maybe it's my childhood memories or maybe it's being with family. I love everything about this time of year, shopping, the hustle and bustle of getting ready, buying gifts, even wrapping them. Not that I have many to wrap any more. Even though our family has grown by leaps and bounds, finances haven't. I've had to cut back and for my kids and the married (or coupled) grandchildren, I often make them something. The rest of my grandchildren get something small to open and a gift of money. To me spending time with my family is more important than any gift. It wasn't much different when we were growing up. Money was tight back then, also and gifts weren't plentiful. Honestly, I hardl…

You'll Laugh Until Your Sides Split at this Brand New Comic Mystery

Books We Love is very excited to introduce readers to Zack and Zora in Stuart R. West's brand new comic mystery series.  This is a delightful treat, a hilarious read, and a just plain funny, feel good story of a brother and sister caught up in the zaniest murder mystery plot imaginable.  An excellent choice for de-stressing from all that holiday fever.

Bad Day in a Banana HammockBad Day in a Banana Hammock A Zach and Zora Mystery

Zach wakes up with no memory, no phone, and no clothes except his stripper g-string. And oh yeah! There’s that pesky naked dead guy in bed next to him. Problem is Zach's not gay. Or a murderer. At least, he doesn't think so. Only one person can help him, his sister, Zora. Of course Zora's got problems of her own—she has three kids at home and is eight month's pregnant with the fourth. So she’s a bit cranky. But that’s not going to stop her from helping her brother. With kids in tow, the siblings set how to find the true killer, clear Zach&#…

Just Released from Books We Love - Stock Up Your Holiday Readers

Witness Security, Book 3 - COVER OF DARKNESS
It's US Marshal Ben Markham's job to keep witnesses alive, but providing protection to BDSM social club owners who stumble onto double murders isn't at the top of his bucket list. Still, protecting Mitzi Pomeroy until trial has its perks. Like close contact with gorgeous, smart-as-a-whip Assistant DA Addison Decker. Too bad Addie doesn't come with a warning label. Who'd have thought an ADA could have so many secrets? Or that those secrets will find Ben and his partner Nick Pierce scrambling to keep them all alive?

"Suspense at its finest. This book has it all, romance and mystery. A real thriller. Ms. Hill has done it again." ~ Romance/mystery author, Roseanne Dowell

"I've been waiting and waiting for this one. Jamie Hill's Witness Security books are on the top of my reading list. I'm so excited that Cover of Darkness is here before Christmas - it's also on my "gift" list for romant…

Impounded Holiday by Ginger Simpson

I'm skipping my own fantastic new releases and instead sharing a Christmas story I wrote in 2009 for the December issue of Love Stories Magazine as my gift this holiday season.  I hope you enjoy it, even if it is a tad longer than most of my posts.  :)