Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Try A Little Cozy - Mystery - Janet Lane Walters

Murder and Mint Tea (Mrs. Miller Mysteries Book 1)Murder and Poisoned Tea (Mrs. Miller Mysteries Book 2)Murder and Tainted Tea (Mrs. Miller Mysteries Book 3)

Take one retired nurse and former church organist and her "familiar" Robespierre, a Maine Coon Cat and let them have fun. Cozy mysteries always have a  sleuth who isn't official and that's what Katherine Miller is. There are murders this heroine tends to collect.

Murder and Mint Tea is the first of these books. Katherine is very protective of her family and the story unfolds through watching her interact with her family and neighbors in the Hudson Valley village where she lives. This story can be called "when is the villainess going to die."

Murder and Poisoned Tea shows Katherine involved with the church choir and the very talented organist. This book can be seen as who is going to be killed.

Murder and Tainted Tea takes Katherine to visit her friend, Lars in Santa Fe and of course, there is a murder.

There are three more books in the series. Murder and Bitter Tea has Katherine suspecting that a friend was murdered at an exclusive nursing home. She goes undercover as a nurse to find the villain.

Murder and Herbal Tea again sends Katherine on a road trip to help a friend accused of murder. There is a shop where teas and all that goes with them are the focus of the story.

The final book still has to be written. Murder and Sweet Tea has Katherine married to Lars and living in her dream house on the Hudson River banks. There is a romantic suspense author who has an ex-husband, a stalker and an angry agent.

These books have been fun to write and I hope fun to read. I've been told they show my "dark side."